Ocean Management

Experienced Ocean Management Representation

The law firm of Buchanan & Associates, in Boston, offers experienced representation in ocean management concerns to marinas, boatyards, recreational boating businesses and other for-profit or not-for-profit entities throughout Massachusetts. Prior to opening her own practice, attorney Jamy Buchanan Madeja served as General Counsel to the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs in Massachusetts. She now represents a wide range of clients in ocean management matters.

The Firm's Ocean Management Work

Buchanan & Associates provides knowledgeable counsel to recreational and industrial concerns, handling a broad range of legal issues, including:

  • Chapter 91 (Public Waterfront Act) licensing requirements - Attorney Madeja has successfully worked with marinas, boatyards and other water-dependent use companies to obtain proper permits or to modify existing licenses. This includes all Chapter 91 issues, including the placement, use or alteration of structures, the placement of fill, and dredging permits for coastal areas.

The firm has represented a cross-spectrum of clients in ocean management matters, including:

  • The legislatively chartered Boston Harbor Pilots Association, who sought to protect their land and water use on Boston Harbor - Attorney Madeja successfully helped them retain their current waterfront space in the face of substantial non-water dependent development.
  • Marina operators who experienced difficulty with their town's mooring policy - The firm helped a group of marina operators prepare and present alternatives that protected their investment and demonstrated solid private management of public trust rights.